My kid seems happy to come to school and we keep discovering new things taught to her which come as pleasant surprises. Happy!
— Deepika Sharma
DLSM’s contribution to our son’s development has been excellent. We can only wish expansion and more success. The exposure during events, reviews and practical values are valuable. Overall great school!
— Mr. & Mrs. Josan Quijano
As parents, we are glad and happy to see the level of self confidence our daughter has developed in a short period of time and very pleased on the level of vocabulary she’s able to say and use properly at the age of less than 4 years old.
— Lynn & Anthony Arengo
Thanks to DLSM, my son now knows how to read. He has improved a lot. Now, he is already communicating with us in English. Thanks to the effort provided. Hope you will continue to inspire young minds.
— Hiede Marie Balundo
My daughter, Alessandra, has improved a lot. When she comes home from school, she tells us what she does in school, her activities, what her teacher teaches them for the day. She even shares them with her playmates. She remembers also the names of her friends.
— Flora Bella Barbacina
We are grateful to DLSM. Our daughter has developed an advanced growth and more especially on her socialization, special mention on how her communication skills language keeps improving.
— Sharon Arengo
All teachers are very friendly, helpful and accommodating to parents. We enjoy all your activities and glad to see our child develop her skills in dancing, singing, social skills. Thank you!
— Cherryl Lopez
Yannick is very happy in school. The staff are very pleasant and welcoming. The foundation of the child is very strong.
— Karen Dias
Overall, we are happy and satisfied with the developments we see in Rafaela. She seems eager to go to school everyday and she reports that she is happy with her teachers at school.
— Jennifer & Neil Bayan
There is marked improvement in Chloe’s personality. She is more sociable and responsible now because of her experiences at school. Keep up the good work!
— Lou & Cheryl Beltran
Maintain the good level of service as it is currently.
— Adelbert Fama
The staff and teachers are very approachable and friendly. The teachers are supportive and the school offers various opportunities to interact for effective learning and socialisation.
— Charo Olivera
The passion of the teachers with their job is really visible and reflecting on each and every child. It is something key why students keep going.
— Pia Marie Castillo