If you tell me, I forget. If you show me, I remember. If you let me do it, I understand...
— Proverb


DLSM endeavors to provide a safe, nurturing environment where children’s growth and happiness are encouraged and championed.  Our carefully formulated materials, activities and environment provide children the opportunity to develop important attitudes, appreciations, skills, ideas and habits that are essential for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning.  The specific goals for children who attend DLSM are:


  • Provide infants with stimulating experiences that aid in his/her cognitive, physical, emotional and social development

Nursery 1, Nursery 2 and Casa

  • Help children develop socially
  • Help children develop their intelligence and imagination
  • Foster in children an abiding curiosity
  • Help children develop a high sense of self-esteem
  • Develop in children a positive attitude toward school and learning
  • Develop habits of initiative and persistence
  • Assist children in building good listening and concentration skills
  • Initiate inner security, self-discipline and a sense of order
  • Help children develop sensory motor skills
  • Sharpen children’s ability to discriminate and judge
  • Prepare children academically for transition to formal schooling


DLSM follows the Montessori curriculum, integrated with the latest teaching techniques, based on the ages of the children and focused on the process of three stage learning and personalized education.

  1. Practical: Basic personal and social skills used in daily living
  2. Sensorial: Child’s sense perceptions of the world      
  3. Language: Vocabulary, Pre-Reading and Writing
  4. Mathematics: Number Vocabulary and Concepts
  5. Culture: Science, History and Geography
  6. Creative Expression: Arts, Music and PE
  7. Peace Education: Self, Community, Cultural and Environmental Awareness


Appreciating the efforts of teachers.

The events organized at the school are very well done.  As parents, we enjoy and appreciate the efforts of the teachers.  Thank you for doing a great job with DLSM!
 Mrs. Lianne D'Sylva.

The best education for children.

Thank you for giving our child the best education that you could give.  Continue to support, train and educate the children for a better future.  More power to DLSM!
Mrs. Aileen Sheila De Luna

First school experience with lots of milestones.

We are very pleased to see "milestone" improvements in our child's performance.  This is her first school experience and I would say She had a very good foundation/start.  Thank you and all the best!
Mrs. Ana Liza Rodil Perol